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Sapienza is committed to extensive and constant work to strengthen its relationship with Rome and the regional and national territory, producing public goods of a cultural, social and educational nature, also through architectural and urban projects and interventions. In particular, Sapienza organizes events, festivals and events open to citizens, also in the context of collaboration with numerous public and private entities, promoting their own visual identity.


Public engagement activity "La Scienza Illumina"
Year: 2015
Place: Crypt of the Sapienza University Chapel
Brief description: On the occasion of the International Year of Light, a multidisciplinary and interactive exhibition was set up about light and its aspects and applications in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, geology, and in the artistic field. The exhibition was open from 25th September, on the occasion of the European Researchers’ Night, to 21th October, also as a part of the Maker Faire.
The aim of the exhibition was raising the public awareness on the importance of light, its applications and related technologies, to improve knowledge and sustainable growth.
Entities envolved: The exhibition was organized by a group of researchers and teachers from the departments of Biochemical Sciences "A. Rossi Fanelli", Physics, Human Physiology "V. Erspamer", Biology and Biotechnology "C. Darwin", Mathematics and Earth Sciences, with the contribution of the Polo Museale Sapienza and the collaboration of PhD students from the departments of Biology and Physics as guides for the public. 
External partners: CNR; INFN; Associazione Culturale FormaScienza; Fondazione Mondo Digitale; Fondazione IDIS - Città della Scienza, Naples; V Municipio of Rome, Libreria Assaggi, Rome. 
The public involved was large and varied, made up of over 60 school classes, from primary to last year of high school, university students, researchers and specialists, various kind of people on the occasion of the Maker Faire. The transfer of the exhibition to the City of Science of Naples from 15/10/2015 to 31/05/2016 had an audience participation of about 20,000 visitors
Activity contact person: Prof. Adriana E.Miele, Dott.ssa Giovanna Boumis 
Activities of involvement and interaction with schools
Year: 2021
Brief description: tutorials and lessons
Entities envolved Liceo Scientifico Talete di Roma
Activity contact person: Prof. Alessandro Paiardini
Public engagement activity Structural Biology and large infrastructures
Year: 2016
Place: Liceo Statale Marie Montessori e Sapienza
Brief description: On 15 September, the participants were last year of secondary school pupils of Liceo Statale Montessori, and the aim was to: a) stimulating their interest in structural biology as a subject that investigates biological phenomena at the molecular level and as biotechnological tool to design drugs and to design therapies by a “precision medicine” approach; b) conveying the role of large research infrastructures at the European and global level (synchrotron sources, XFEL) in pure and applied research, especially as far as   the interdisciplinary contribution is concerned; c) promoting the awareness of the young public towards Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions in supporting training in science and transnational mobility.
Entities envolved: Liceo Statale Montessori
Activity contact person: Prof. Beatrice Vallone
Public engagement activity Structural Biology and large infrastructures
Year: 2016
Place: Liceo Statale Marie Montessori e Sapienza
Brief description: On September 19, the students conveyed at Sapienza University to attend the Symposium organized in the occasion of the awarding of the Honoris Causa Doctorate in Biochemistry to Prof. Wayne Hendrickson (Columbia University) and were also escorted in the Lecture Hall “Sala degli Organi Collegiali” by two graduate students, Giacomo Parisi and Cecile Exertier (X-Probe ESR).
Activity contact person: Prof. Beatrice Vallone

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