Artistic-cultural assets and resources

Sapienza provides a direct contribution to the cultural growth of the society through the protection, management and enhancement of its artistic and cultural assets, made available to the territory and to society.

Examples: Libraries, Historical Archives, Museums, Archaeological excavations, The theatrical and musical offer; Living the Sapienza heritage, GUIDED TOURS TO THE CAMPUS, BOOK THE SPACES in Sapienza (lecture hall / by location), PROPOSE OR PARTICIPATE IN ARTISTIC AND CULTURAL EVENTS

Dante and the Disciplines of the Quadrivium

Year: 2021

Brief description: A mixed in presence and web Conference allowed scholars in the field to discuss and communicate about the role of sciences in Dante's philosophy and works. More than 4000 attendees were present virtually on the Sapienza Youtube Channel, including High Schools, University Students and members of the piblic

Entities envolved: Centro H2CU - Fondazione Sapienza
Activity contact person: Prof. Beatrice Vallone

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