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The PhD in Biochemistry has a solid tradition in life sciences and medical research. Within the circuit of schools of experimental thought in this area, the PhD in Biochemistry provides an advanced teaching program, oriented to the most current biochemical and molecular themes of modern biology and medicine. It acts an education and research center with the aim of training generations of young scientists who: a) can recognize and situate in a more general context significant problems in the field of life sciences, b) are able to autonomously face and solve problems of basic or applied biology at the molecular level ; c) are capable of choosing the experimental methods that can provide the best information on the system studied, over and above independently conceiving and carrying out experiments; d) have a broad rather than sectorial scientific culture ; and e) know how to disseminate scientific results and research projects to a wide audience, in a comprehensive and understandable way.

These goals are achieved by individual training during the three years of the course by providing: 1) practical learning experience according to the background and project of each student in the fields of health and life sciences at the molecular level, 2) a sufficiently large theoretical and practical framework of the most important and advanced molecular and cellular experimental techniques, so as to encourage - if and when deemed necessary - their application for understanding, at the highest possible level of molecular resolution, the functions of biological systems, and 3) opportunities to develop skills for the dissemination of scientific results.


The teaching curriculum includes lectures on advanced biochemical and biophysical topics and methodologies, formal and informal seminars and journal clubs. The students are also encouraged to spend a period of up to 18 months in a foreign laboratory.

Formation includes advanced training in the fields of:

  • Biophysics and Molecular Biology
  • Structural Biology
  • Cell and Metabolic Biochemistry
  • Enzymology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Inorganic Biochemistry and Biothermodynamics
  • Biochemical Methods
  • Biotechnology

Admission to the PhD course in Biochemistry is by a public competition, which is held within September of each year. The call will be published in the web page of the Sapienza PhD Programme and will also contain the location and dates of the competition. The examination consists of a written test (dissertation on topics of general biochemical and molecular biology relevance) and an oral examination by a commission selected among the Teaching Board.
The PhD course in Biochemistry appertains to the Doctorate School of Biology and Molecular Medicine (BEMM)

Foreign students educated abroad may also apply to full-time postgraduate PhD positions with fellowships for attaining the degree of “Dottore di Ricerca”.  See the Call for Applications to Fellowships and Admission of Foreign Nationals Educated Abroad.

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